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About me

I'm Bob van de Vijver, co-founder of Drenso. I've studied at the University of Twente (Electrical Engineering BSc and Embedded Systems MSc), of which I graduated back in 2016. Even though I'm busy enough with work and my own company, I still want to find time to do stuff just because it is fun to do!

In my free time I'm usually working on some tool for my own setup, trying to learn more and more about everything. I've been working on multiple open source projects (mostly by submitting pull request on Github, but also maintaining some projects): what I love most about opensource is the open community, creating the possibility to discuss about tools but mostly also being able to improve them!

With the website/blog I will try to post any nice projects I've been working on, by sharing some of the insights I've gained with them. Currently, the content is quite old, but I'm planning to create more content very soon!

Written by Bob van de Vijver on Sunday November 12, 2017